About us

Since 1998, Service Centre Sasolburg has been your trusted destination for electronic repairs. We specialize in Xbox and PlayStation, TV, gaming controllers, PC, laptop, amplifier, computer screen, and TV remote repairs. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we provide reliable, high-quality service to meet all your electronic repair needs.

Console Repairs

Service Centre Sasolburg has been the go-to destination for top-tier repairs on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. From display issues to overheating and error codes, our expert team ensures repair solutions for all your gaming needs. Trust us to restore your gaming experience with professionalism and expertise.

TV Repairs

For dependable TV repairs, turn to Service Centre Sasolburg. Specializing in TVs up to 50” . we address common issues like power failure and no display with precision. Our services extend to LED replacement and mainboard repairs, ensuring your viewing experience is restored to its fullest potential.

Laptop Repairs

We specialized in diagnosing and fixing a range of issues, from power failures to overheating. Our services extend to liquid treatment and onboard repairs, ensuring your device operates at its best. Need an SSD upgrade? We’ve got you covered. Trust our team for thorough virus removal. At Service Centre Sasolburg, your laptop is in expert hands.

Controller Repairs

we specialize in expert controller repairs. From stick drift to button issues, joystick wear to connectivity problems. Broken micro-USB or C-Type connectors, we’ve got you covered. Trust us to repair your controller swiftly and effectively.

Amplifier Repairs

We specialize in amplifier repairs, ensuring your audio system operates at its best. From resolving issues like no power or sound to tackling protect mode  and sound distortion, our expert team delivers thorough solutions. Trust us to service and clean your amplifier, restoring its functionality and sound quality with precision and care.


LG AMP Model: ARX9000 Repaired

Successfully repaired an LG AMP Model: ARX9000 that was stuck in standby due to low output voltage to the secondary supply. Discovered and replaced wrong value capacitors installed by a previous repairer. Now, it’s back to working perfectly! #RepairSuccess #LG #Amplifier

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HP Laptops upgraded to SSD’s

Laptop Upgrade Success! We’re excited to share that we’ve successfully upgraded 2 x HP laptops that were once slow and unresponsive. Installing SSD’s and increasing the RAM to 8GB, we’ve significantly improved their performance.

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Xbox one S with no display repaired.

Xbox One S Repaired. We’re thrilled to share that we’ve successfully repaired an Xbox One S with a dirty display and random no display issues. Our expert technicians replaced the HDMI IC Control Chip Retimer, ensuring a crisp and clear display. Additionally, we provided a thorough cleaning and servicing, along with thermal paste for optimal…

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WhatsApp Business

At Service Centre Sasolburg, we use WhatsApp Business to communicate efficiently with our clients. Simply scan the QR code to reach us directly for inquiries, updates, and support. Your convenience is our priority.