Damage Reports

Need a damage report ?  We specialise in insurance damage reports lightning damage liquid damage and accidental damage on household goods  contact us   

Laptop and Computer repairs

Now almost 20 years experience in laptop and computer repairs.  We do component level repairs and do a great job. Software Hardware anti - virus data recovery we do it all. 

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Game Console Repairs

We started repairs on consoles about when PlayStation 1 came out.  We repair them all xbox , Playstation

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Computer Repairs

We do all computers repairs power supply , upgrades , motherboard pcb level repairs, liquid damage, Virus and malware removal and recovery

Laptop Repairs

We repair them all from cracked lcd screens to upgrades, power supply repairs, liquid treatment, on board repairs, Hard drive's , virus removal etc.

Cell Phone and Tablet Repairs

We do wide range of Cell Phone repairs, Software, Charging problems, LCD's , Touch screens, Liquid damage and insurance damage reports.

Tv Repairs

We do TV , LCD, LED and all computer screen repairs

Amplifier repairs

We do amplifier repairs no sound , no power service clean volume pots we do it all

Electronic components

We sell a wide ranges of electronic components resistors , capacitors , diodes, transistors and many more

DVD player repairs

We do dvd and surround sound repairs not reading disk, no power and no sound repairs

Car front loader Repairs

We repair car radio, cd players frontloaders

Remote repairs

We do all type of remote repairs for TV , DVD , Amp, Hi fi, Gates's , alarms and car immobiliser