I have a blackberry 9900, my battery last about 4 hours.  I have Facebook. whatsapp, twitter and wechat.  After doing the following steps it was clear that twitter was using the CPU a lot more then the other applications, I went to twitter application in settings my phone was refreshing feeds every 5 minutes. I set it to 1 hour and now my battery lasts up to 40% longer.

Blackberry Batt Solution

  • Click on the Wrench/Options on your main screen.
  • Choose “Device”.
  • Choose “Application Management”.
  • Scroll the screen over to the right by one screen.
  • The next screen should be titled “CPU”.
  • Put your cursor over the words “CPU” and press the trackpad, then change the “Now” to “Today”

I hope this post helps people !



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