First check the following. 

Virus protection:  Do you have a proper anti virus ?  In the 16 years I am doing computer repairs I recommend the following.

For home free users use: Avast free edition and ad malwarebytes before  all anti virus  The reason why I recommend this because I had so much success fixing hundreds of computers.

I had computers with Avg Free antivirus and Avira free anti virus and still detected virus infections when scanning with Avast Free .

How do you know if a virus or malware is present on your computer ?


  1. When using internet advertisements open pages by itself.
  2. Browser default page changed to a different address
  3. Tool bars with advertisements for games, dating and other
  4. computer running slow, Internet disconnects and browser errors
  5. Receiving lots of spam emails people phoning you to buy stuff ( they received your details trough spyware or malware
  6. When putting a page address in browser it redirect to another page with advertisements

    Virus :

  1. When using your USB flash drive at other computers with proper anti virus, and it detects that your USB drive has a virus, then most likely your computer will be affected. This counts for External hard drives micro SD memory cards etc.
  2. Files going missing
  3. Programs stop working
  4. files turn in to .exe files by itself
  5. windows blue error screens

this is a example of what I get mostly wrong on PC’s there is thousands of different viruses today.

When the above faults is your computer the try my steps below. 

Step 1

using control panel then programs and features, uninstall all antivirus and malware programs also look for programs you installed like pcperformer registry fixers speedup programs etc. if you already have avast and malwarebytes uninstall them to they could be expired or not the newest version. Also uninstall toolbars like babylon and other etc.

Step 2

Now download Avast free edition and install. After installation open avast on top you will see you have 30 days remaining for registration. Register your free installation with your email adress or facebook login remember to make sure you click the basic free protection the whole time. At a certain stage it will recommend the pro version just click  stay with basic free version or press skip. Now check your email account and confirm your installation. Now go to avast program again and make sure it updates to the newest definitions. After updating avast free now do a full system scan, this can take like hours. After scan completes it will tell you how many threats has been detected where you have the option to delete it and press clean. In some cases if the infection is really bad avast will ask you to restart the computer where it will do a start up scan before windows starts. do not skip this step or press escape let it complete it will ask you what you want to do when a virus is detected just tell it to delete all threats, after this is done restart your computer.

Step 3  

Now download and install malwarebytes free edition also update the definitions . Now do a full system scan this can also take hours. After scan completes it will show you all mallware and spyware detected  in some cases you will have to click on each infection and selecting delete then click on clean. Now restart your computer again. You should start seeing drastic changes now in your computer start up and speed

Step 4

Now download CCleaner free edition this is a very cool little program that will clean out your pc temp file and also fix registry issues. After installation run CCleaner and click on cleaner on the left hand side, then click analyze after analyze complete click run cleaner. this will remove all temp data and browser old data.  After this click registry on left side then click scan for issues after scan completes click fix selected issues. Now restart your pc again.

Step 5

Type command into the Desktop Search box and then right-click on the Command Prompt menu entry and select the Run as Administrator item (Figure A)

Figure A

Command instruction 



















Run the command prompt as administrator.

After accepting the elevated permissions, at the prompt type this command:

sfc /scannow

Now the system will verify the system files and repair any corrupted files (Figure B).

Figure B:

Scan for errors










.This was taking doing my system scan, so i did not detect any problems see Figure C but if detected on your Pc it will fix it

Figure C:

Errors complete









After this steps complete restart your pc again

Step 6 Final Step 

Test your programs for those not working etc. Nero or office etc. reinstall them this could have been damaged by a virus that the Anti virus has deleted.  then after checking go to your browser Google or explorer and set your opening page to or what ever search engine you prefer. After this is sorted do a Hard drive defrag.

You will now note that when inserting a usb flash drive avast will pop up ans say virus has been detected I recommend you scan all external devices with avast and delete the detected viruses.

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Please note that I’m not liable for any data loss or data damage in result of these steps.  This steps are well tested but in severe cases of corrupted data or virus infections a hard drive backup – format -and os reload will be needed!